Career Development

    Rank System

    We are operating a role-based rank system in order to create a faster and more horizontal culture according to the rapidly changing social environment.

    • Associate

    • Specialist

    • Professional

    Education System

    We are operating a customized education system to nurture leaders in connection with the Xi C&A human resource development direction, and we are conducting onboarding training for soft landing of new employees, the future growth engine.

    As a construction company specializing in high-tech production facilities, we are operating a variety of professional job training courses to develop employees' competencies. We also support an educational platform for self-motivated learning and an in-house language course to strengthen global capabilities.

    Education for New Employees

    [Xi C&A] New employee training, onboarding course

    • Internalization of core values

      • Righteous management
      • Vision system and change/innovation mind set
    • Reinforcement of job expertise

      • Professional job training for each construction type/position
      • DX education (BIM, etc.)
      • External education support (legal technology)

    [Xi C&A] Experienced employee training, OJT mentoring for each department

    • Selection/nurturing of entrepreneurs (leaders)

      • Basic/Advanced Position Leadership
      • Cultivation of leader candidates (PJT Management)
    • Global Education

      • Online foreign language course
      • In-house collective foreign language course (those scheduled to be dispatched overseas)
      • Support for language exams and external foreign language learning expenses