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    Go Beyond with Technology

    Xi C&A provides the best value to customers by carrying out successful projects through differentiated patented technologies for each type of construction, such as architecture, civil engineering, plant, and clean room.

    • Construction
    • Civil Engineering
    • Clean Room
    • Smart Construction
    • Plant


    Continuous construction type PC (Precast Concrete) wall and construction method thereof.

    Patent No. 10-2082481

    • Reinforcement of seismic performance through continuous workability at the end of the wall and detailed application of steel plate reinforcement
    • Minimizing RC construction while securing seismic performance 1.5 to 1.6 times higher than that of existing PC walls


    PC(Precast Concrete) opening in a slab building method

    Patent No. 10-2021121

    • Applying a relatively large slab opening to a one-way PC slab

    Civil Engineering

    Concrete block fixed anchor retaining structure and construction method thereof

    Patent No. 10-1993609

    • Anchor construction method using an existing structure or a separate anchor fixing block when constructing a relatively shallow basement retaining of less than 10m deep
    • Can be used as an alternative when an anchor cannot be applied because there is not much room for the land, so a general earth anchor invades outside the land boundary

    Clean Room

    Clean Room basic design automation system

    Copyright 110111-2411520 (U.D.I.S / Announced: 19.04.09)

    • Integrated management of design data through database construction
    • Shortening design change response schedule through work process simplification and automation
    • Improving design quality by minimizing human error through system-based review and aggregation

    Smart Construction


    BIM is a digital model that expresses the shape and property information of a building in 3D.

    • Used in various fields during the entire life cycle of a building, from design, construction to maintenance.
    Work Process
    Receiving 2D design documents > Revit: Architecture, machinery, electricity / Tekla: Steel frame > 3D modeling for each trades > Naviswoks model integration for each trades > Automatic check for interference by field > Interference resolution

    Smart Construction

    3D Laser Scan

    3D Laser Scan is a device that records 3D shape information. It uses a method of measuring the distance and angle to an object by firing a laser and calculating the time it takes for it to hit an object and return.

    • Used in various fields, such as site boundary, earthwork volume calculation, floor smoothness and construction inspection of steel verticality etc.
    Work Process
    On-site 3D scan > Matching scan data > Scanning survey control point > Data scan / Matching drawings or model > Various analyses > Data export

    Smart Construction


    A drone is a flying vehicle that flies automatically or semi-automatically along a pre-programmed route through radio control.

    • Mounted on various devices, such as cameras, CCTVs, and various sensors
    • Used for site boundary and surrounding status review, earthwork volume calculation, construction status inspection, etc. Matching
    Work Process
    On-site Drone Shooting > 2D, 3D Data creation > Matching 2D, 3D data and drawings > Earthwork volume calculation > Review of construction status

    Smart Construction

    3D Printer

    3D printing is a manufacturing technology that creates 3D objects by spraying successive layers of materials.

    • Output 3D data such as BIM models as reduced mock-ups
    • Improving understanding of buildings, used for constructability review and consultation


    FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) design

    FEED design is a basic plant design task performed according to the project facility plan (plant capacity, device configuration, etc.) determined in the FS (Feasibility Study). It plays an important role in determining 60-70% of the project cost.

    • Complete technical specifications called the FEED Package that captures the unique conditions required for each project as thoroughly as possible after fully understanding the customer's needs
    • Propose an economical solution with an optimal process that meets customer’s needs by using rich project experience and know-how, design automation, etc.
    • Realize project risk and schedule management by performing FEED and EPC, and suggest customer’s investment efficiency


    3D Design Rule Check

    3D Design Rule Check technology is that automate design review by applying design rules to 3D to improve 3D design quality .

    • Piping, Control 3D Design Check
    • Verification of design, maintainability, accessibility, safety and risk items according to design rules for each project
    • Easy and quick check within 3D Model
    • Comprehensive design review using 3D Model Data
    • Can write a review result report
    • Linked with 3D Model-based check and drawing ISSUE


    Application of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to engineering work

    RPA is a technology that uses software robots to automate business processes. A RPA robot automates repetitive and regular tasks performed

    • Prevention of human errors
    • Increase work efficiency by automating repetitive and regular tasks
    • Continuously develop RPA for work automation through consultations with various types of work to realize digital transformation throughout the work


    Plant Module Technology

    Module technology, which breaks away from the traditional Stick Built method in which the entire construction is performed directly at the construction site, is an innovative construction method that transports, assembles, and installs structures built outside the construction site to the construction site.

    • Ensuring safety and responding to potential risks
    • Increased productivity by shortening construction period and reducing cost
    • Continuous Feasibility Study Process to propose the introduction of the module method from the FEED design and bidding stages