Smart Construction

    Extend Digital Innovation

    For safety and precise construction at construction sites,
    Xi C&A is extending BIM-based digital technology step by step to create its own Smart Construction.

    Use of BIM

    We use the digital model, which expresses the shape and information of a building in 3D, in various ways throughout the entire life cycle of construction, including design, construction, and maintenance.

    Drone & 3D Scanning

    We can perform precise measurement through drones, and we have surveying technology utilizing drones and scanning.

    3D Printing

    Using 3D printers, we efficiently review constructability to secure stability and economic feasibility.

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    • 01 BIM-based construction plans review

      BIM is a digital model that express the shape and property information of a building in 3D for reviewing constructability.

    • 02 VR for BIM

      Conduct training for construction site safety through the production of VR contents in connection with the BIM model.

    • 03 AI camera

      Automatically check construction errors through AI analysis of data taken.

    • 04 Drone

      An aircraft that flies automatically or semi-automatically along a pre-programmed route through radio control is installed in various equipment such as cameras, CCTVs, and various sensors. It is used for land boundary and surrounding status review, earthwork volume calculation, and construction status inspection.

    • 05 3D printer

      3D printing is a manufacturing technology that creates 3D objects by spraying successive layers of materials. It is used to improve understanding of buildings, review constructability and consultation.

    • 06 Cloud system (BIM 360)

      Share design documents and on-site issues in real time to strengthen on-site communication.

    • 07 Application of construction robot

      Perform floor plastering / safety patrol & monitoring / 3D scan / 360 camera / automatic measurement through construction robots.

    • 08 3D laser scan

      Record three-dimensional shape information by firing a laser and calculating the time it takes for it to hit an object and return to measure the distance and angle to the object.

    • 09 Machine Control

      Perform accurate excavation at the final excavation level by installing GPS equipment on the excavator.

    • 10 Plant Module TechnologyModule

      The module construction method is an innovative construction method that builds structures outside the construction site and then transports/assembles and installs them to the construction site. This allows you to secure stability, shorten the construction period, reduce costs, and respond to potential risks.