Xi C&A’ s

    The core customer value that Xi C&A pursues is quality.
    Xi C&A’s construction site will keep its promise with our children and nature.


    Quality Management

    The quality that Xi C&A pursues is subject to neither compromise nor toleration.
    'I will correct it' and ‘A customary understanding’ have no place.
    We will never compromise on quality. This is the core customer value we pursue.


    1. 01Thorough planning

      “Quality management begins with thorough planning.”

      We establish a delicate quality management plan for the successful execution of the project, and check the details of the process with partners to establish and execute a plan to realize the highest quality.

    2. 02Various analysis

      “The causes of defects are analyzed from different angles.”

      We promote quality control activities that focus on prevention by spreading quality nonconformities and defect cases to all organizations and having all organizations conduct activities to analyze the root cause.

    3. 03Leading the quality management system

      “Now we will lead the system.”

      Our quality management system (ISO9001) is a system to guarantee the quality level required by our customers. We will definitely practice our goal of pursuing continuous improvement and prevention in quality control. Instead of letting the system lead us, we will lead the system now.

      iso 9001

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        In 2011, we acquired ISO 9001, an international standard for quality management systems. ISO 9001 is a system certifying that the product / service system provided to customers meets the specified requirements and is continuously maintained / managed. It is part of Xi C&A's efforts to promote consistent quality control activities.

    Environmental Management

    The environment is our children's future.
    No matter what happens, we will definitely keep our firm promise to keep the environment clean and clear.


    1. 01 Quality and Safety

      “Environment is the root of quality and the soil of safety.”

      It is said that the level of environmental management at construction sites is a measure of quality. How can a building produced in an unclean site produce good quality products? With the belief that all workers can work safely in a pleasant site, Xi C&A's construction sites are putting their efforts into all kinds of environmental management.

    2. 02Efforts for the Environment

      “Environmental Management System (ISO14001) is a essential commitment.”

      The operation of the environmental management system is our minimum commitment to our children and nature. Xi C&A's construction sites will fulfill their social responsibility that fulfills their promise by voluntarily finding and removing all environmental hazards that may occur during the entire construction process. We also promise to continuously raise the level of maturity of the environmental management system at the construction site by actively reflecting the cleanliness management technique applied in the semiconductor production line.

      iso 14001

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        In 2012, we acquired ISO14001, an international standard for environmental management systems. ISO14001 is the most important certification in the 'ISO 14000 series', an international standard related to environment. It means that Xi C&A takes environmental management as the policy of corporate management, regulates the organization/procedure, etc. to achieve this purpose, and efficiently allocates human/material resources to systematically manage the system and continuously improve the environment.