Ethical Management System

    Xi C&A

    establishes and implements code of ethics to become a company trusted by customers and society through transparent and fair management.


    Ethical Management System

    We have been continuously performing various ethical management activities, such as establishment of education system.


    • Ethical Management
    • Code of Ethics
    • Compliance Supervisory Activities
    • Consensus Building consensus
    • Code of Conduct

      Establishment of value system:
      Documentation of ethical principles and rules

      • Establishment of code of ethics system
      • Ethics Charter / Code of Ethics / Practice Guidelines for Code of Ethics
    • Compliance Check Organization

      Supervisory activities
      Supervision/Organization: System, system establishment, compliance monitoring

      • Establishment of dedicated organization
      • Institutions and systems
      • Monitoring and auditing
    • Consensus by Education

      Building consensus
      Raising ethical awareness: Continuous education and public relations

      • Education to spread ethical management
      • Promotion of ethical management

    Direction of Ethical Management

    • improvement of policy
      and systems

      Continuous improvement of ethical management policy and systems

    • Management and

      Management and supervision of sound job ethics of executives and employees

    • Education and

      Education and promotion to raise ethical awareness

    • Establishment
      of a fair culture

      Establishment of a culture of rewarding good deeds and punishing unethical behavior