Xi C&A

    Xi C&A is

    a construction company that builds a better future together with
    customers and creates new space values.

    Xi C&A,
    an affiliate of GS E&C, provides the best value to its customers according to the management philosophy of 'dreaming of tomorrow together with customers and creating new life values'.

    We are continuing our efforts to become a strong construction company by successfully constructing all industrial facilities such as clean rooms, data centers, research facilities, high-tech factories, and chemical plants etc.

    Based on our accumulated know-how, we will continue to build up our capacity to construct leading global production facilities and leap forward as a Top Tier construction company in the field of industrial facilities.

    We will always be with you as the best partner that can realize customer satisfaction beyond customer expectations.
    We ask for your great encouragement and support.

    Thank you.

    Xi C&A builds a space that maximizes future value
    for the success of customers' business.

    We are leaping forward as a leader in industrial infrastructure space construction based on our excellent technology and
    construction capabilities obtained through successful execution of various construction and plant projects.




    Clean Room

    Based on Know-how of the cutting-edge Clean-Room production facilities, we are proud of our expertise in designing and constructing clean rooms with advanced clean Room technology and various control technologies.

    Battery Production

    Based on expertise and technological leadership in global battery plant construction, we provide engineering-based integrated solutions from pre-con service and design to construction, and lead the market as a top tier in the battery plant, cathode material plant and so on.

    Internet Data Center

    We lead the market as a top tier of differentiated IDC construction based on the engineering capabilities required to perform projects, such as stable and economical specialized technology and Power Effectiveness reduction technology, which are essential for optimal and efficient IDC construction.


    We provide state-of-the-art intelligent buildings by providing eco-friendly/smart/automated spaces through the infrastructure composition of trendy R&D/business/logistics facilities according to the rapidly changing industry/work environment.

    High-tech Production

    Based on the rich experience and construction know-how of production facilities for each industry, we lead changes in evolving production facilities such as smart factories, provide optimized solutions, and build state-of-the-art production facilities.


    Based on the advanced pharmaceutical/bio facility performance capabilities that meet domestic and foreign advanced GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), we provide infrastructure construction services such as the BSL (BioSafety Level) 3 that requires advancement.


    We realize differentiated customer value by overseeing EPC projects for high-tech material production facilities expected to be key growth engines of the future manufacturing industry, such as carbon nanotubes (CNT), cathode materials for secondary batteries, and biodegradable plastics (PLA: Polylactic acid), and secure the foundation for our sustainable growth engine.

    Petrochemical Plant

    We have accumulated technology and expertise by performing a number of projects in the field of domestic petrochemical downstream. Based on DX-based engineering technology and experience in performing the entire plant process, such as planning, design, purchase, construction, and maintenance, we are realizing the value of customer satisfaction as a business partner that provides optimal solutions.