Smart Safety

    Manage Safety with Smarts

    We efficiently operate the central control room and manage workers’ safety by carrying out institutionalized smart safety step by step,
    from prior preparation to the construction site.

    Smart Safety System

    1. 01 Preparation

      Review and systematization of guidelines and laws for standard safe storage management

      • Standard safety and health management procedures
        • Set-up on-site safety and health management standards
        • Standard safety and health tasks and work procedures
      • Zero Legal Risk
        • Occupational Safety And Health Act
        • Construction Technology Promotion Act
        • Serious Accidents Punishment Act
      • Operation of compliance risk response organization
        • CSO - Chief Safety Officer
        • Responsible for budget and quality (quality, environment)
    2. 02 Pre-construction stage

      Preliminary management of safety and health management items

      • Selection of safety management items
      • Application and installation of safety facilities
      • Occupational safety and health management expenses
      • Input of safety staff
      • Output management (RFID)
      • Report of safety start(direct participation of management)
    3. 03 Construction phase

      Management of on-site process safety and health

      • S_PCM report for each trades
      • Voluntary safety activities
      • Emergency drills
      • On-site inspection
      • Inspection of construction machines
      • Input of safety staff
      • Special inspection
    • 01 VG(Voice Guidance System) - Hazardous Area Access Restriction Alarm System

      The VG System installed in the dangerous place notifies the dangerous situation to the approaching workers by voice alarm.
      Installed for each risk factor to make people aware of the risk.

    • 02 RTLS(Real-time Location System) - Real-time Worker Location Tracking System

      Strengthen safety management by checking the number of workers for each work area and type of construction in real time.
      Setting concentrated risk zone, such as confined spaces, enables intensive management and access control, and the SOS function for workers enables immediate response in the event of a disaster.

    • 03 Smart CCTV System

      Check risk factors detected through intelligent CCTV and mobile CCTV (industrial close-up camera) in real time in the safety and health situation room to eliminate risk factors that may occur in high-risk work areas.

      Intelligent CCTV: Can manage high-risk work through installation inside and outside the site.
      Mobile CCTV: Can manage risks by installing it in areas where permanent residence is difficult, such as blind spots and high-risk work.

    • 04 3D safety design

      Apply ‘Safety Design Standards’ for each type of construction to all projects when designing plants to identify risk factors that may occur during construction and maintenance in advance, prevent accidents and protect workers.
      Also secure high construction safety by reviewing and removing risk factors in advance in the design stage through the 3D model.

    • 05 Wide Beam & Alarm Warning System

      Maximize visual and audible danger signs for opening restricted areas (fall risk areas) to make workers aware of the danger.

    • 06 Intelligent Surveillance System

      Installed mainly in welding work/shop place/dangerous goods storage and smoking area to operate the control room.
      Install intelligent surveillance systems in all areas of the site, eliminating blind spots.

    • 07 Opening

      Install 1-layer safety facilities in small openings and 2-layer safety facilities in all openings other than small ones to thoroughly manage double・triple fall/drop safety.